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    Hi All,

    I’m trying to get the demo working throught NDI. The source does show up in the receiver with the computer name before it but when selected it just shows a black screen.

    I’ve tried disableing all firewall with no luck.


    PS: If it helps here’s the diagnotic from the receiver:

    Spout Receiver (Vers 2.018)
    DirectX 9.0c available
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 (Display)
    Microsoft Basic Render Driver (Secondary)
    Current adapter : Intel
    NV_DX_interop extension available
    DirectX 11 CPU texture share mode

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    The diagnostics suggest that texture sharing with Intel graphics might not be working.

    First make sure that you are receiving the NDI stream using the NDI “Video Monitor”.
    Then run the Spout demo sender and receiver to make sure they work together.
    Use SpoutDXmode and try combinations with :
    – DX9 checked on or off.
    – Texture, CPU and memory sharing modes.



    Having tried all of the above I still get a black screen when going through NDI.

    What are the next steps for troubleshooting?




    I assume the following defaults are set in SpoutDXmode
    – “DirectX9” is not checked.
    – “Buffer” is not checked
    – “Texture” selected (not CPU or memory modes).
    – “NVIDIA global processor” has “High performance” selected.

    Then I assume the following work OK – on the same machine for testing.

    NDI Test patterns is received by NDI Video monitor on the same machine.
    Spout demo sender is received by the demo receiver.
    NDI to Spout shows the Test Patterns source.
    Spout to NDI shows the demo sender
    – Async and Buffering are not selected

    I assume from what you say that when “Test Patterns” is selected by “NDI to Spout”, the Spout demo receiver can select the Test Patterns source but it is black.

    What about when the demo sender is selected by “Spout to NDI”. Does the NDI Video Monitor see that source and display it OK?

    The last thing is to eliminate the NDI software.

    1) Run the demo sender
    2) “Spout to NDI” – select the demo sender
    3) “NDI to Spout” – select the demo sender source
    4) Run the demo receiver. You should see two spout sources and both should display OK.

    Apart from that I really don’t know what else to suggest. I know that the computer is using Intel graphics. What type of computer is it? What is the operating system? These might give a clue.

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