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    Upon install of 2.006 I can’t seem to find the Registry entry called “MaxSenders” that should control the max number of Senders. I tried to add it myself, but it seems to be ignored. If I built Spout from Source I can get it to report that the max is a number other than 10 by hard coding it, but it still fails to read from the registry. Any ideas?




    Hi Matt,

    this is not available as a user setting because of issues of reading a memory map of unknown size and possible crash. It is on the list, but as yet I have not found a solution.

    But the variable MaxSenders is in place. SpoutSenderNames.cpp has a function “SetMaxSenders”. This is called in the constructor of SpoutGLDXinterop.cpp if the value is retrieved from the registry. Then a sendernames memory map can be created with this size (SpoutSenderNames.CreateSenderSet()).

    But if the sender set exists, as will be the case if an existing application is already running, the size of the map is already set at 10 senders and will not be increased by CreateSenderSet().

    For this to work you have to start your own application first to set up the sender name memory map with the increased size. I have not revisited this for a while and so can’t go into further detail here. But if you email via the contact on the home page I can hopefully help you further.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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