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    Is it possible to install multiple instances of spout cam?
    I’ve been able to get spout video into Lightconverse by selecting video capture. LC supports up to 12 sources, so it’d be great to pull up to 12 spout cam from media server outputs.



    SpoutCam is a directshow filter that simulates a webcam, i.e. a “virtual webcam”. You can’t install multiple instances of it and it appears to all applications as a single “webcam”.

    But each application will use it’s own instance of the directshow filter, and SpoutCam receives from the currently active sender when it starts. So you can have multiple instances but only with different applications. For example :

    Start a Spout sender
    Start host application 1
    You will see the first sender in application 1

    Start another Spout sender
    Start host application 2
    You will see the second sender in application 2

    But each application will only see one instance of SpoutCam.

    Keep in mind that many applications need to see webcams with typical resolutions such as 640×480. Use “SpoutCamSettings” to set the resolution to 640×480 and 30fps if the application will not connect to SpoutCam. Some applications do not receive from virtual webcams in any case but, if you have trouble try it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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