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    Hi Devs,

    Maybe i habe missed sth. So please dont be angry about me.
    Resolume 7 is out and they changed their PluginStructure:

    — copied from website –>

    The FFGL plugin standard is updated to version 2.0. Plugins can now receive Audio FFT input to create audio visualizers. Parameters can be spinners or drop-downs. Parameter ranges can be customised and are not limited to always 0.0 – 1.0 anymore.
    FFGL 2.0 now requires OpenGL 4.1 so plugins that work in version 6 will not work in version 7, those plugins will need to be updated by the developer who created them.

    <– end of copy —

    I´ve made more than 30 FFGL Effects with that beatiful ShaderToySender… But now i´m Stuck – because of the new FFGL Version. Does anybody know, if ShaderToySender will be updated?
    Or is there any workaround for this? Want to upgrade to resolume 7 – but without my fx – naaaaaaaaahhhh 😉

    Thanks in advance
    [ grobkorn ]



    Hi Grobkorn,

    no you haven’t missed anything and there’s no need for anything angry at all. Several people have also contacted me directly.

    Yes I am well aware of the changes for Resolume and have been working on revision of ShaderToySender. Unfortunately it’s not all that straightforward. The plugin template conversion can be done even though it involves some modifications to Freeframe. A bigger problem is that ShaderToy shaders are no longer compatible. The same applies to GLSL Sandbox shaders which ShaderToySender also supports. But even that can be overcome with a translation process. Now what remains is a problem with texture coordinates which means that noise functions do not work properly. I have not been able to solve this and hope that the Resolume people will have time to look at it. If it can be solved, there is a path to complete the conversion.

    Meanwhile there is a possible workaround using SpoutControls where ShaderToySender itself is controlled within Resolume. Again the SpoutController dll has to be revised which can be done given time. But I have discovered a fundamental problem with this idea due to changes in Resolume’s sub-folder searching for plugins. I believe that can be overcome by coding and renaming of files and I will be looking at this workaround a little more so that there is at least something for people to use.

    So that is the situation at the moment.



    i’d say wait for the traditional black friday sale. the keymaster has delivered



    Let’s not get too excited just yet. But thanks to Menno Vink from Resolume the texture coordinate problem is resolved. I will notify here when the debugging is further along.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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