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    A heads up to DirectShow programmers. Valentin Schmidt has created a filter for Spout output. “SpoutRenderer” is a simple DirectShow video renderer that renders to an OpenGL texture shared via Spout.

    Spout Renderer

    He has also created the equivalent “NDIRenderer” for Newtek NDI output and gone even further with “HapRenderer” that renders HAP video (Hap1, Hap Alpha, Hap Q) as well as the corresponding raw DXT data types (DXT1, DXT5, DXTY).

    All these projects have ready-made binaries as well as full source code and solution files ready to build for Visual Studio 2017. He could do with some testers, so please give them a try.

    Going further he has created “ofxDirectShowDXTVideoPlayer” a simple video player addon for openFrameworks that plays HAP-encoded videos natively on Windows using DirectShow video playback tools and has rebuilt FFmpegHapGlPlayer by Matt Beghin for Visual Studio 2017 including all required binary libs and include files to build for x64 Release.

    Finally he has contributed significantly to the Spout project and created a repository for SpoutCam with full source, baseclasses and Visual Studio 2017 solution ready to build. Significantly this will build for 64bits. Updated filters will be included in the next Spout release but meanwhile a precompiled 64 bit filter is available in the repository including batch files for registration. Once registered, SpoutCam can be used in a 64 bit system.

    There is surely great potential for these filters and thanks are due to Valentin for his work and expertise in creating them.



    For those interested in Hap video encoding, adding to the list is a HAP encoder filter that encodes Hap1, Hap Alpha and Hap Q.



    As you may know, DirectShow is about “building graphs” that connect different filters with each other, and there are some “visual graph editors” that allow to build and configure such graphs visually, like Cycling’74 Max and other patch editors. The Microsoft offering is “Graphedt”, available in the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit and another is an open source project “GraphStudio” which is unfortunately discontinued.

    But now Valentin has gone the next step and enhanced this project, not only to allow patching, but to export the projects as source code for batch command, C++, C# and Lua.


    If you want to use DirectShow but are not familiar with it, this might be just the tool for you. The project is open source and can be found on GitHub here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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