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    thank for this great tools! keep up the good work!
    i have successfully installed and working with all tool but with the NDI to spout sender i have a problem.
    i cant see the sender from VLC on windows. i have put the libndi_plugin.dll into the VLC dir but when i start the spout reciever there is nothing to select. any help on this?!



    I think you will need to run the installer rather that copy the dll. This might install required drivers or libraries.

    First try to receive it’s output using the “Video Monitor”. Then try to receive the output from “Spout to NDI” with the Video Monitor. This should tell you which connection is not working.

    Personally I have not been able to get the NDI VLC plugin working.



    thanks for the help, i cant find any stream in the video monitor. I will watch the forum for new drivers.



    I succeeded in getting the NDI plugin for VLC working in a virtual machine. It is definitely necessary to use the installer for the NDI tools and select the VLC plugin as part of the installation. Also VLC has to be installed before you run the Tools installer.



    i installed everything with installer, VLC first then then “big” NDI installer, but i checked then with the Video monitor and no Video output from VLC, i can wait. i love to have everything TO Spout.



    OK. I don’t know what the problem could be. If it is isolated to the software that Newtek provides, you could try their forum.



    Is the source code for Spout2NDI available in Git?
    I’m only interested setting up screen with “command line parameters”. Is it available in the binary version?



    I have not made the source of Spout to NDI available. It is complicated with a message loop and dialog handling.

    I have offered a Spout receiver – NDI sender Openframeworks project in another thread. This will use the first Spout sender that starts. With a couple of changes it could be modified to simply hide the window. It would then appear just as an icon on the taskbar. I can make a binary if you are not set up for Openframeworks.

    If this will do the job, contact me using the email contact on the home page.



    i know that this topic has 6 months, but i got the same crash. I’m using the 1.008 version of NDI 2 Spout.

    Here’s my configuration :

    W10 x64
    GTX 880M 382.53 drivers
    i7-4700 HQ
    16 GB RAM

    I’m using Newtek NDI on my Iphone to NDI 2 Spout to RESOLUME.

    The crash occurs when i click to activate my Iphone in RESOLUME.

    Here’s the informations about the errors :

    unhandled exception 0x69AA095A



    I have looked into this a while back and I can’t find anything. Without a reproducible error I don’t have much chance of finding it. You could try the FreeframeGL plugin with Resolume. For this to work, you have to copy “Processing.NDI.Lib.x86.dll” to the same folder as Arena.exe.



    Trying to run Syphon2NDI Server/Client on my MB Pro from 2014 and it keeps crashing giving me the following error message:

    “Syphon2NDIServer” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash. Google Chrome downloaded this file today (09/09/17) at 9:02 PM from spout.zeal.co.

    System specs:
    2.2 GHz Intel Core i7
    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

    Rather unfortunate 🙁




    Yes that’s not what you want to see.

    You will find a download link for Syphon2NDI Version 1.01(7) on the author’s web page :


    Otherwise I can’t help with OSX. But I Googled “is damaged and can’t be opened” and found that many solutions involve a change to security settings.

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