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    Thanks for the information about the Windowed mode. I tried that and I found that there will be another issue. The video output aspect ratio may not be correct. You will see this issue if you try to resize the Virtual DJ video window.

    aspect ratio issue

    I also found that in 32-bit version, the VDJSpout plug-in can’t output to another VJ app called GrandVJ. I tried the Spout Sender in DX9 mode and GrandVJ can get the Spout Sender video correctly. Very strange. I haven’t dig into the code yet. Maybe I will try to compare source code between the VDJSpout plug-in and the Spout demo Sender.


    Yes I see the aspect ratio change. Spout is getting the size of the backbuffer from VirtualDJ. When the preview window changes size, so does the backbuffer and the sender produces an output of that size. If there are black bars at the edges, you will get them in the output. The small main preview does this as well.

    If you switch to “Preview Only” the shader fills the preview window again but the Spout output will be the size of the small preview.

    There is nothing that the plugin receives to change this. But there is a difference if you are playing a video, say on the left deck, and you activate VDJSpoutSender from that deck. Then the size Spout sends is exactly the same as the resolution of the video, no matter what you do with the preview window.

    I don’t know any way to adjust the size of a shader effect on the left deck. If there was a way, maybe that size might remain constant.

    The 32 bit plugins are DirectX 9 only, so you have to check that option on in SpoutSettings. But, even then, if the host application does not support Directx 9 input it will not work.


    The VDJ SDK implements now some new flags

    #define VDJFLAG_VIDEO_OUTPUTRESOLUTION 0x400000 // If the effect is applied on deck, the effect will be applied onto the video output resolution instead of the video source resolution
    #define VDJFLAG_VIDEO_OUTPUTASPECTRATIO 0x800000 // If the effect is applied on deck, the effect will be applied in same aspect ratio as video output (and minimum resolution between video source and video output)
    // not already exposed
    #define VDJFLAG_VIDEO_FORRECORDING 0x1000000 // The effect will be applied after video output (and after effects and skin are apply to video output)

    With VIDEO_OUTPUTRESOLUTION The video is not the size of the preview anymore better the size of the video
    With VDJFLAG_VIDEO_FORRECORDING The video is not the video only anymore, but the video and videoskin applied

    compiled both 32&64bit sender just fine with both activated
    example with preview mode only & skin (perso videos in videos) activated :


    One Sender for deck 1 + one for master With skin + one server for deck 2

    In addition to Skin & recording size as default
    – fixed Enable/Disable not working
    – Enabled Per deck sender


    It sounds like this has solved a lot of problems. Can you share the code for update to the GitHub repository? You can get in touch via the email contact on the home page.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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