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    Every now and again you come across a GitHub project that is based on a brilliant concept and recently I found BeatDrop by Maxim Volskiy.

    As you will know, there is a visualization plugin for the long standing audio player Winamp called MilkDrop which has been made open source and modified for Spout output. BeatDrop removes dependence on Winamp so you can use any audio player you like.

    Now, for readers of this forum, the significance of BeatDrop with Spout output is that you can import the visualizatons into any program supporting Spout. This means that you can start up your host application, import the Spout visuals and they will react to the audio of the program itself (or any other audio source for that matter).

    This might take a bit to sink in, so I encourage people to give it a go. Once you have it running, you will have Spout output and you can pick that up in any program with Spout input support. Audio will be taken from anything playing..

    I believe that the MilkDrop presets are something ahead of their time and many rival more recent OpenGL visualization shaders. You can explore those in the distribution by pressing “L” and then the up/down keys to select different ones.

    For more you need to explore WinAmp further. Is there a future for this venerable program? There is some hint that there is.

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    A release zip file is now on GitHub. Or you can download it directly from here.

    Unzip the result to produce a “BeatDrop” folder. Run the executable “BeatDrop.exe”. If it reports problems with missing dlls, look in the Redist/DirectX folder and run “DXSETUP.exe”.

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