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ShaderToy Sender


“ShaderToySender” is a stand-alone version of the popular FreeframeGL effect plugin “ShaderLoader”.

It can be used to load shader files produced from “GLSL Sandbox” and “ShaderToy” but, unlike the plugin, the program is independent of a host and graphics generated by the shaders can be imported into any program that has Spout input.

A large number of shader examples are included with the distribution. You can load shaders easily by drag and drop onto the ShaderToySender window. Each shader can be examined and modified using an editor, and you can create your own shaders by copy and paste from the code shown by GLSL Sandbox or Shadertoy. You can also control shaders by RH mouse click on the window. All the controls used by that particular shader are then available. Most will have “speed” and many have mouse control.

Read the documentation here

Spout Slideshow

Spout Slideshow

“Spout Slideshow” is a handy Slideshow application which is also a Spout sender. Just start it up and use the settings dialog to browse to a folder with images. Leave it going and you can pick it up in any Spout enabled application when you need it. There are options for sender resolution, random slide selection, fade transition and fade to black effect etc.

This was a project using Openframeworks to create Windows programs with familiar menu and dialogs which avoids having to re-develop using the Windows API and retains all the benefits of using Openframeworks.

The result has been an addon to do this. Read the documentation here

Download links for these programs are included in the donation thankyou page for Spout supporters.