Spout is open source software designed to help your own developments and applications and is integrated into many other applications which you may use regularly. Ongoing development, continued maintenance and support takes time and money, and there is no company or commercial income to support it. So please become a supporter and donate to help keep the project going. Donations are not for profit, and are used to offset time, development and web hosting costs.

All donations lead to a ThankYou page with the main Spout installer as well as “SpoutControls” and “Spout to NDI”.

Bonus programs are included exclusively for Spout supporters.

The Spout installers will set up program folders on your system that contain all the information required to develop your own applications as well as pre-built plugins, programs and utilities required for correct operation. “Spout” and “Spout to NDI” are licenced using the the Simplified BSD licence. “SpoutControls” is licenced using the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Don’t hesitate to email at any time with questions or suggestions, or refer to the Spout GitHub repository for more detail.

For support get in touch with us via the forum.
Answers to common questions can be found on the FAQ.
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Contact us by email.

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