What are the minimum system requirements?

Any computer running windows 7 or greater.  To take full advantage of Spout your graphics card will need to support the NVIDIA GL/DX interop OpenGL extension.  Run the Demo sender and select “Help > Diagnostics” to see if your hardware is compatible. Installing the most up to date drivers for your graphics card may be necessary as explained below.

How do I set up Spout for Resolume?

Refer to the Resolume help page. The Syphon references are equivalent to Spout for Windows. All you do to activate Spout output is use the menu selection “Output > Spout”. Spout sources are automatically shown in the Sources tab at right. Just drag one to an empty cell. That’s all you need to know.

The code examples in the Resolume help page are for Syphon. Spout code examples are included with the distribution (..\Spout2\SPOUTSDK\Examples) or on GitHub.

If you are having trouble there could be incompatible hardware. Start with the Spout demo programs. If they work OK you can continue with other programs.

I have an AMD graphics card, will Spout work for me?

The NVIDIA GL/DX Interop extension is supported on AMD graphics cards, but if you may need to install the most recent graphics drivers to enable full Spout compatibility.

Optimus graphics

“Optimus” graphics is a technology which shares graphics processing between Intel and NVIDIA for power saving on a laptop.

Use the NVIDIA control panel “Manage 3D Settings > Global Settings” and make sure you have selected the “High performance” option. If this has no effect, try the “SpoutDXmode” utility in the Spout distribution. Again select the “high performance” option.

Some computers include an option in the BIOS to use NVIDIA graphics exclusively. This will permanently and disable the power saving feature.

Intel graphics

The required NVIDIA extension has been supported for some models but not for others, but the latest drivers are greatly improved for compatibility. Make sure you are using the most recent one. This link could help :

How do I find out if texture sharing will work with my particular graphics card?

Here is a useful database.

In the search box enter : WGL_NV_DX_interop

This will list all reports uploaded by users of glCapsViewer that show support for this OpenGL extension.

Then you can download and run glCapsViewer yourself to confirm exactly what your system supports.

If the interop between DirectX and OpenGL (WGL_NV_DX_interop) is not listed, Spout texture sharing will fall back to memoryshare but many programs do not support it.