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    Hello there,
    Thank you so much for checking out my post.

    I’m a software engineering student who developed a software and now I’m trying to make an installer for it to let my teachers try it out, so since Spout is a prerequisite for the software, it makes sense in terms of user experience to hide Spout’s installer using the “silent installer” feature that the Setup Generators offer and yes Spout’s installer didn’t appear but the default Spout/SpoutCam installer is causing me the following user experience issues:

    1. Spout’s installer forcefully opens up Spout’s folder after the installation is finished
    2. Spout’s installer shows an alert/message box saying something like “you already have spout installed, do you want to uninstall it?”.
    3. Spout’s installer forcefully creates shortcuts in the desktop.
    4. Spout’s installer contains Demos and SDKs in its directory.

    Did Spout developers develop or does anyone have a friendlier installer that eliminates or removes all the above? If not how can I make one? What are the required files that I need to include in a custom-made installer to make Spout/SpoutCam work correctly.

    Any kind of help would be really really appreciated,
    Thank you so much for your time.


    Hi Sano,

    the Spout installer is made with Inno setup (

    It is not actually necessary to install anything for programs to communicate with each other, but the Spout installer ensures that default registry settings are made, such as for sharing mode and SpoutCam. SpoutCam installation is actually registration of the DirectShow filter that involves multiple registry settings. The installer also takes care of Visual Studio runtime installation if that is not present.

    I am moving towards a portable installation that does not require an installer at all. For that you must use use the beta 2.007 programs. Instructions for manual install are here (

    “SpoutCamSettngs” takes care of SpoutCam installation and “SpoutSettings” should be run once to establish sharing mode. “SpoutPanel” is normally located in the installation folder but it can be copied somewhere else and run once to establish it’s location for receivers. Thereafter it must remain in that location. The Visual Studio runtime dlls are now emdedded in or included with programs that need them.

    You could include all these steps in your own installer. If you use Inno setup, parts of the Spout installation script could be used. The alerts are necessary or else the installation can fail. The installation is also intended for developers and as a source of additional plugins and details on how to install them, so the folder is opened for convenience. If you don’t need these things you can certainly leave those parts out. I will send you the script by email. Over the next few days I will be out of contact so I will find your email address through the forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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