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    Without further ado, Spout 2.006 is now available from the download page.

    The most frequent problem people have had so far is when the NVIDIA GL/DX interop extension is not supported by the graphics driver, and shared memory backup is not a solution for many applications.

    Spout Version 2.006 introduces a new backup method, CPU texture sharing, where DirectX textures are accessed by CPU to copy data to OpenGL. This way, shared DirectX textures are still used and linked with OpenGL even when the NVIDIA extension is not available. This should give better compatibility than using shared memory.

    For laptop systems with Optimus graphics using the integrated Intel adapter, Spout should now work by setting to CPU texture share mode with SpoutDXmode. The same applies to systems with Intel graphics that have failed to operate with Spout 2.005.

    Timing tests show that the CPU processing is fast enough for practical use at commonly used resolutions. Time per frame is around 5 msec at 1920×1080. Frame time increases rapidly with larger images however and texture sharing using the NVIDIA interop extension remains as the preferred option.

    Developers testing a beta version have come back with only a few minor changes and, on the whole, reports are positive. Your response is welcome to sort out any remaining problems.

    The Spout Processing library, Max externals and SpoutControls have all been updated. The Processing library and Max externals may take a little while before they appear in the package managers. Spout to NDI will follow as the Newtek SDK is updated.

    The Spout installer now activates a Visual Studio runtime installation if it is not found, so be patient if that starts up.

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