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    Hey there,

    “Traceland* All Fields Are Mandatory” by Morons of Motion is an interactive video installation which addresses the issue of Big Data and the constant production of personal and meta data by individuals using technical devices. It’s like a mirror revealing virtual identities.

    On the technical side we are using Kinect motion capturing, programmed with Cinder C++ library. The Spout sender within our Cinder app enables us to share the video stream to other programs like Resolume or Visution Mapio and to do further image adjustments, projection mapping and mixups.

    Have a look at the video or the project homepage for more info:

    Idea, conceptual and visual development and production: Francis Eggert, Yochanan Rauert & Sven Stratmann
    Coding of the “Traceland*-App” and further developement: Thomas Sanchez Lengeling
    Thanks to Leadedge and Zeal for developing Spout!


    Very satisfying to see work like this where Spout has played a part ..


    yeh! spout is so useful for very basic things!!

    is it possible to get controllers for cinder in spout/resolume/ffgl, too? Sure you have considered that. When there now is a way for registering a processing controller in resolume/ffgl and sending controller signals (MIDI/OSC?) from resolume to processing, could this technique be applied to cinder, vvvv or others too? seeing and manipulating (subpatch) pins from vvvv in resolume? cinder controls? 😀


    What you have done here is fantastic.

    Yes – the basics of connecting one application to another are fundamental. We can’t have that for Mac only…

    The Spout controller signals do not use OSC, but rather shared memory and are specific for the controller and controlled senders. MIDI isn’t on the radar but anything is possible.

    The “SpoutController” freeframe plugin is a controller, which controls controlled senders, and there is a general purpose Windows app as well, but I have not had time to look at controllers developed with OpenFrameworks or Cinder.

    In the SpoutControls installer and GitHub repository you will see OpenFrameworks and Cinder examples for controlled senders, so maybe that is what you are thinking about.

    For Processing, the controller functions are included in the JNI dll that links C++ with Java, so within the sketch you can call these functions directly.

    VVVV is another story. The way it works at the moment is that VVVV intercepts the lowest level shared memory structure of the sender and then extracts the DirectX texture handle or pointer to use that.

    There isn’t any way for VVVV to access the Spout SDK or SpoutControls C++ classes. Unless of course some kind person creates a VVVV plugin or whatever to do it. If that was done, VVVV could access the Spout SDK class functions. I imagine that is what you are thinking about.

    So it boils down to the requirement for an interface between the C++ classes of Spout and the particular system being used. If the system uses C++ with OpenGL, then it is relatively straightforward. If there is no OpenGL there are ways around it. If it is not C++ or not Visual Studio, there are ways around that too, but it needs a bit more thought.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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